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"In the first six months of taking private lessons with Adison, I learned more in the way of martial arts than in two years taking 2-3 Karate lessons per week at another school. He clearly has a deep understanding of the arts he teaches and his training his very detailed, but he won't overload the student with advice, instead preferring to lead them to their personal understanding of their own form. Your martial arts are sure to improve if you train with Adison."

Elizabeth F., Boston


"Just days before a Bagua seminar that I was to attend, a back specialist at an orthopedics clinic referred me to physical therapy for an almost unbearable lower back pain. The turning, twisting, pivoting, and coiling that Adison Martin taught at the seminar, and that I continue doing in Bagua classes, have completely relieved my back pain. At fifty-seven-years-old Bagua training has helped me to regain energy and flexibility, and to experience deeper states of relaxation and joy. I suspect that I will gradually experience even more benefits.

As an instructor, Adison Martin is encouraging, accommodating, and patient. He has a good sense of humor, which makes his classes a lot of fun. I feel privileged to train with him, and I am very pleased that he is teaching in the Boston area."


Ramon R. Mojica
School Social Worker with the Boston Public Schools

Adjunct Psychology Faculty at Roxbury Community College


"I’ve been studying taiji and bagua with Adison Martin for over a year now.  He really knows each student and understands the level they are at.  In every class he pushes me to do the movements a little bit better than I thought I could.  He knows and respects the history of the martial arts and brings this knowledge to bear on his teaching.  He has helped me make connections between the movements I learn and their applications.  For these reasons, among others, training with Adison continues to make me a better martial artist on many levels."

Ann Marie Udale, Boston






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